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The subscriber booking for other persons certifies that all participants, or legal guardians for minors, have read the following general terms and conditions of sale.


Canyoning is an outdoor sport activity.

- Each participant is aware that he/she is engaging in slippery, steep terrain requiring a good physical condition.

- Each participant has the duty to inform himself/herself in order not to overestimate his/her physical or psychological capacities, nor those of his/her children.

All the details of the different courses proposed are on line on the website.

  • For the family canyons, it is not necessary to know how to swim well, however, the supervisor must be informed of this when booking the canyon.
  • For the sport canyons, it is compulsory to know how to swim and to be in good physical condition.
  • For expert canyons, it is compulsory to know how to swim, to be in very good physical condition and to be totally autonomous on the abseiling.

Yaute Canyon declines all responsibility in case of loss or damage of objects belonging to the client during the activity: cameras, glasses, contact lenses...


- Any partial or total cancellation by the client 48 hours before the start of the activity is due. No refund will be possible. For any partial or total cancellation by the client before this deadline, 30% of the total amount will be due.

- In case of force majeure (illness, injury, bereavement...), justified by a medical certificate or an official document, reimbursement will be granted, only for the person concerned.


- Yaute canyon reserves the right to cancel a service if the minimum number of 4 participants is not reached. If possible, a solution will be proposed to the client to organise a later trip.

- The decision to cancel a trip due to bad weather conditions belongs to the guide in charge of the supervision and to him alone. This decision cannot be contested.

- In case of cancellation decided by Yaute canyon, any amount previously paid will be fully refunded to the client.


The time and place of the meeting will be sent in advance by email or telephone. Out of respect for the other clients and the guide, the acceptable delay limit is 15 minutes maximum. After this time, the group will leave for the activity and the latecomers will be charged.


- Participants must not have any medical contraindication to the practice of canyoning and outdoor sports.
- It is strongly forbidden to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the activity.
- Pregnant women are aware of the risk of foetal injury in the event of a fall or slip.


I am registered as a sole trader and hold a state diploma DEJEPS with a specialisation in canyoning issued by the DDJS (Departmental Directorate of Youth and Sport).
Any other professional who will be supervising with Yaute Canyon also has a diploma recognised by the DDJS, allowing him/her to exercise legally..


The subscriber booking for other people certifies that all participants, or legal guardians for minors, have read the following insurance conditions and recommendations and that each one accepts them individually.

The guides and instructors working with Yaute canyon have taken out a civil liability insurance policy. This insurance covers all medical or hospital care, search and repatriation costs and compensation for risks for which the guide is responsible.

It is strongly recommended that the client is insured for damage caused or suffered during incidents or accidents for which the guide is not responsible during the activity.
If you do not have personal insurance to cover the practice of canyoning, you have the possibility of subscribing online with GBC mountain insurance for the day. Enclosed :
Or Ava insurance :